The world is an amazing place; it’s far worse than it should be.

These are Notes on the Future - written in the past and transmitted to you here in the present. Our purpose is to explore the following:

1. What does a good future look like?
2. How do we get there?

We’ll take a “full stack” approach, working as far into philosophy as necessary to ground our “whys”, but always returning to implementation to find our “what” and “how”. We’ll focus on the social and tech infrastructure required to build a good future. This might include anything from agency to AI and Zarathustra to zk-SNARKs.

This effort is mainly a forcing function for me to improve the speed and quality of my thinking, so I can more quickly converge on the best implementation(s). I don’t know where this journey leads, only that I should begin it now. So for 2023, we’ll start with one essay per week for the next 50 weeks. Hopefully by then I’ll know what we’re doing here. Something came up, stay tuned.

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social and tech infrastructure for a good future


Michael Adams
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